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A handy graphic to help you find the right book for the right situation

10 Business Books You Need Based on Your Favorite Book as a Child

We may not even remember some of the books we read when we were young, but you can be sure we still internalized their messages, for good or bad.

The History Reader’s Guide to Corporate Domination

They say that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. But you could do worse than aping some of history’s greats when plotting your own path toward power. These books will teach both the dos and the don’ts of some of mankind’s greatest campaigns.

The Game of Thrones Business Book Reading Guide

10 books to help you seize power in Westeros or the boardroom.

7 Junk Food Fixes for Your Waistline and Your Career

What does your favorite snack say about you—and your career? This list will help you admit the brutal truth about your vending machine habit. As they say, to get ahead, snack like your boss’s boss. 1. Pirate’s Booty You’ve got your resolutions and your sticking to them. You’re where you…

This Ski Trail Map Will Take You to Your Business Guru

Things have slowed down a bit at the 250 Words office. It seems like almost everyone is off on Spring Break, and whether you’re skiing gracefully down the slopes of Vail or roasting yourself in St. Lucia, this trail map will take you from idea to execution on your biggest…

Oscar Fever: 9 Great Books About Business and the Films They Became

If you’re caught up on the nominees, or have just emotionally moved past the current season, here are nine great books adapted for the silver screen—some of which lost some of their greatness in the translation.

Infographic: What to Read to Master Change

They say change is hard. But you won’t be surprised that here at 250 Words, we think the first step toward solving any problem is doing the required reading. Here are nine books to get you started.

Starting a New Job

Starting a new job can be daunting, but the books in this infographic will take you from a good first impression to organizational domination.  

A Biography for Every Reader

Whether you’re a biography and memoir expert or just want to figure out where to start, this infographic will take you to books that are stranger than fiction.


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