Insightful conversations with business authors

The Power of Noticing: What The Best Leaders See

Sam McNerney sits down with professor Max Bazerman. His new book is “The Power of Noticing: What the Best Leaders See.”

A New Approach to Improving Public Policy and the Economy That Everyone is Ignoring

“Neoclassical examples cannot explain financial bubbles. Complexity economics can.”

Qualifying for the World Cup: The Untold Story of the Teams That Never Made it to Brazil

“I embarked on a journey to trace the World Cup qualification campaign from the start, telling the stories of the teams that probably won’t be in Brazil.”

Smaller Faster Lighter Denser Cheaper: How Innovation Keeps Proving the Catastrophists Wrong

Listen to Robert Bryce, author of “Smaller Faster Lighter Denser Cheaper,” explain why technology has made the world a better place despite what doomsayers say about the future.

Aaron Hurst on Why We’re Entering A New Economic Era

Listen to Aaron Hurst, author of “The Purpose Economy,” talk about the difference between cause and purpose, how millennials are changing the economy, and why technology is becoming “the servant of man.”

Mario vs. Sonic: The Untold Story of How Sega Almost Beat Nintendo

Sam speaks with Blake J Harris, author of “Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation” about how Sega challenged Nintendo, the difference between Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic The Hedgehog, and the “Sega-Sony-Nintendo Love Triangle.”

An Idea Whose Time Has Come — Interview With Todd Purdum

An audio interview with Todd Purdum, author of “An Idea Whose Time Has Come: Two Presidents, Two Parties, and the Battle for the Civil Rights Act of 1964.” Purdum explores the Civil Rights Act of 1964, from the Kennedy brothers to Martin Luther King Jr.

A Field Guide to the Office Asshole

Aaron James is a philosophy professor at UC Irvine. His latest book is “Assholes: A Theory.” Sam speaks with James about what it means to be an asshole, assholes at work, and how to manage assholes.

Has the Rise of Working Women Increased Inequality?

An audio interview with Alison Wolf, author of “The XX Factor: How the Rise of Working Has Created a Far Less Equal World.” Wolf explains that the gender gap is narrowing for highly educated women, but the income gap between women themselves is widening.

A Secret History of the Workplace: An Interview with Nikil Saval

Nikil Saval is an editor of n+1. His latest book, Cubed: A Secret History of the Workplace, “reveals the unexplored yet surprising story of the places where most of the world’s work—our work—gets done.” Sam talks to Saval about Melville’s “Bartleby, the Scrivener,” the history of HR, and the father of the cubicle, Robert Propst.